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Wood carving " Iranian ancient art "

History of wood carving in Iran

Wood carving or “Monabatkari” is one of the delicate handicrafts in Iran, which is a combination of art and patience. Iranian artisans create highly artistic and valuable consumer goods from cheap and great deal of initial materials. Although wood is not durable against environmental elements, palaces doors, boxes over graves, raised structures for preaching in mosques, etc. which belongs to the remote old times shows the flourish and spread of this art in Iran.

Wood carving involves carving of wood based on accurate designs. This, as a simple and written definition, does not remind any memory to the mind. But each carved piece of wood is a good sample of its creator's feeling, perception, and thought.
The history of wood carving, like the other arts and crafts which was born and grown among scattered populations whose founders were ordinary people, is not so clear. Actually, it can not be said from which era this art industry flourished. But unquestionably, wood as the most plentiful material in nature is the first thing that drew man's attention to it and was used for making artistic and consumer goods.
 Based on the available documents, wood carving in Iran goes back to 1500 years a go. Even a number of researchers explicitly declare that it was flourished before Sasanians dynasty in Iran. But there are no historical documents to prove this.
The most ancient wood carved work which goes back to the first half of the third century belongs to Atigh mosque in Shiraz. It was created of poplar wood in Omar En Leice Safari era. It is decorated with very beautiful polygon designs out of walnut wood. After this, the other work which is the upper part of a door carved out of deal and belongs to the fourth century A.H. should be pointed. It is delicately carved with Kufic scripts of 3 centimeters thick. 
With regard to the moral dissemination of building Islamic centers and mosques after the manifestation of Islam, Iranian artists made their best to decorate mosques. Along with architects, tiles, masons, and plaster molders; wood carvers were fascinated by performing their art in this way. Unfortunately there are not a lot of samples of their works. Yet, relaying on those rare remains, it can be said that what were used for decoration of mosques in the shape of raised structures for preaching, doors, and windward very valuable samples of Iranian art and talent. 
In Safavid era, considering the eye-catching and noticeable development of religious buildings and royal palaces, a great number of artists went to the center of the country Isfahan where the most of the above mentioned buildings were constructed. One of the results of their gathering in one place that caused the creation of marvelous and worthy of everlasting works, was the exchange of their skills and experiments.
After the attack of Afghans to Iran and political challenges which made every constructive performance too limited artists’ jobs. However, those who insisted on preventing and wood carvers were scattered and attracted to unprofessional the death of this art industry did not have much opportunity for their artistic and industrial performances. At that time Abadeh a suburb of Shiraz was the only center of wood carvers. Except that place, there were no signs of wood carvers and wood carving through all the country.
Following on the fall of Qajar dynasty, people back to their cultural and industrial values. Although the revolt government tried to keep the pervious relationships and regulations, a lot of criteria were broken up. Eventually, under such circumstances artists and craftsmen had a great duty, too. 
Iranian wood carvers use different kinds of woods available in the country easily and cheaply. With praiseworthy patience  use very simple tools such as a few metal chisels and to manifest their works with Islamic and Iranian values in the shape of Kufic scripts, Arabesques, Cathay, flowers, birds, etc. 
In addition to shrine and mosques doors, boxes over graves, raised structures for preaching, and book racks which can be seen in most mosques and shrines, they produce consumers goods such as picture and mirror frames, boxes for forks and spoons, different kinds of dishes, … which have a lot of consumers and purchasers.  

CNC wood products

Wood carving today


Today wood carving is not actually just an art but also is an industry and technique which is progressing with the machinist life.
Telka group besides the manufacturing of kitchen units and laminate's kitchen countertops is trying to alive this ancient fine art by the help of modern CNC machines.
Better to mention that Telka group besides the manufacturing of kitchen units and laminate kitchen countertops is trying to alive this ancient fine art by the help of modern CNC machines all products is producing by machine with no hand interference.
Telka products’ album is available here for your visit. The customized orders, and desireable designs would be accepted to product.


Material: Beech Wood
Type: softwood
Product Type: Corbel, inlay, turning, furniture, (chairs, tables, buffet, cabinets) pillar, plate, ceil, mirror frame, picture frame, and all other inner & outer home decorations, art & collectible
Theme: Latticed woodwork, artworks, sudorific inlaid work, trees, flowers, leaves, fruits, birds and animals
Regional:  Iranian
Place of Origin: Tehran
Brand Name: TELKA  

Packaging & Delivery

Minimum order quantity: 500 pcs
Export packing. Customized as per buyer's requirements. 
Delivery : 30-45 days 


1 Working area 1600*3400*200mm
2 Table size 1500*3200mm
3 Transmission X/Y/Z ball screw
4 Table structure Vacuum Absorption
5 Five axles
6 Servo motor
7 Spindle power 4.5KW
8 Spindle speed 24000r/min
9 Travelling speed 25m/min
10 Working speed 20m/min
11 Working Delicacy 0.005mm
10 Repositioning Accuracy 0.05mm
11 Driving Motor Servo
12 Control System Servo control system
13 Command Code G Code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
14 Power(without spindle) 1500W
15 Voltage AC380/50HZ
16 Running Environment Temperature:0 degree~45 degree
17 Software Artcam/Type3,other CAD/CAM
we can customized products per your requirements. we assure you about our beautiful products, high quality wood, matchless prices, easy payment even to our UK Bank account.
For any more query, you are welcome. our products and our services would be at your disposal at any time. 

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