Scratch proof countertops

Scrach proof countertops


Occasionally, heard that some particular kitchen counter tops are produced completely by scratch proof property, to clear the subject please note to the following explanations.


The two main points in determining weather a product is scratch-resistant or not initially is the location, and the second important one is how to use the product.Because the granite surfaces also by deliberately drawn line with a sharp object such as a nail or a knife will be visible and scratched.


Basically, being a so-called anti-scratch returned to the hardness and surface quality of a product which is defined. Whatever the perspective of a coating hardness is higher than other coatings sharp object penetration, and thus harder to scratch so to say.


The property covers the various methods of producing cabinet surface laminate (HPL), which is one of the most common methods used to create additional layers or levels (overlay) is Due to the regular shape of the molecular surface quality and durability of the product gives rise to a considerable extent.


Other properties (Overlay) can be pretty high transparency there was no change in the plan or the layer (directorial paper).


Since this layer is made ​​as ordered molecular chain like glass structure, this will be helped protect the lower layers of impervious surface and it creates the possibility of penetration gets close to zero.


In places like kitchens where striking with sharp surfaces and means is unavoidable on counter tops using from extra layer (Overlay) is compulsory. TELKA products also are included.


In order to improve the counter tops  durability you can observe some recommended is using from wide breaking boards  in areas mentioned and the other utmost importance is preventing the infiltration of water from the seams and around the sink and the gas.All the surfaces of counter tops are waterproof but places without coating and waterproof seams, even in little, lead water goes through their influence.


Scratch proof countertops

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