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The use of laminate on horizontal work-surfaces such as tables and kitchen worktops is where laminate made its name!

Kitchen work-surfaces have firmly established themselves in the domestic sector as a design-led item featuring high gloss textures and sophisticated decorative prints.
Within the commercial sector, laminate is ideal for catering, hospital and educational furniture. And for the laboratory environment, it can be manufactured to offer resistance to chemicals.
High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is a combination of specially developed, digitally imaged paper which is impregnated with melamine resins, a special UV resistant over laminate, and layers of phenolic resin-impregnated Kraft stock, all pressed under intense pressure and heat. This process fuses the layers together into a very durable, solid core product. HPL comes in several interior and exterior grades for a wide range of applications. 

Key Attributes:

Bright, vibrant graphics
Impervious to moisture and temperature extremes
Excellent UV protection
Will not delaminate
Extreme impact resistance
Graffiti and scratch resistant
Comes in a variety of thicknesses
Thick stock is self-supporting
Can be drilled and routed
Will not rust or deteriorate if badly vandalized

Common Applications:

Interpretive signs, park signs, zoo signs, aquariums etc.
Interactive displays
Exhibit signage for museums
Way finding for campuses, business parks, retail outlets etc.
Regulatory signs
Signs for resorts, theme parks, and recreation facilities
Corporate identity
Architectural signs
POP displays
Exhibit displays, wall murals and interior design.

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