Add instant style to your kitchen cabinets with new knobs, pulls and handles


- Handles & Knobs 

Large range of knobs and handles available, Classic, Contemporary and Traditional to complement both kitchen and doors or to re-vamp your existing kitchen.

- Knobs 

When choosing your kitchen, fitting the right handle plays an important part especially on a plain flat slab door in a MDF kitchen. Using a large modern handle can change the whole appearance of the kitchen compared to fitting just a small plain one. So its worth the effort to take your time to choose the right one.

- Hinges

The hinge system with integrated soft-closing mechanism for even more convenience in closing hinged doors. Self-closing from a uniquely wide angle, takes care of closing doors almost by itself. Innovative, easy, gentle, quiet.
Telka customized hinges added convenience are mounted and removed quickly and easily. No tools are required.

- Assembly and adjustment

Delivered accessoris are easy to assemble. Once the lift mechanism has been precisely adjusted to the weight and size of the front, they will open, close and hold with reliable ease. 


Telka , One of the largest manufacturers of wood

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