Terms & Conditions

Delivery term:

C&F BandarAbbas

Loading place:


M.O.Q. :

1/20 ft container

Payment term:

50% deposit against issuing  P/I and 50% before loading  T/T payment ( wire transfer) all prices are in US Dollar.

Delivery time:

Maximum 5 weeks after 50% deposit(depends on quantity, standard or customized
unit sizes.

Packing term:

Standard export carton. Our delivery would be montage and de-montage, according to the customer's request. but our suggestion for export section will be de-montage delivery. Units seperated parts will pack in standard safe cartons by different lables. All cartones will be set in container without pallet in order to ship cargo with maximum loading quantity. 
Each loading will be contained mounting map, necessary pins, screws, legs and handles. 

Banking info:

Noticing to special present banking transferring situation in our country and facilitate payment affairs, we will announce  our available bank accounts' information in different countries all around the world according to the customer's request

Telka , One of the largest manufacturers of wood

The shop all goods and services, are required to have the necessary permits from the relevant authorities and the activities of this site are subject to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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