Outstanding Quality & Value

We are experienced cabinetmakers and it shows in every detail. Select from a generous, but not mind-numbing, variety of styles and colors. No middleman taking middleman money, free shipping and a smart process that squeezes out every drop of value. It's a rare moment in economics when Faster, Easier and Better add up to Cheaper (yes, we said it, "cheaper" in cost never quality).

Simplified Process

Buying cabinetry online can be complicated -we agree. This is exactly why we've worked night and day to streamline and clarify your Telka’s online buying experience.
We have created a simple way to calculate the cost of your new cabinetry & countertop. Select your countertop finish by entering code & dimensions plus cabinet units’ measures   and we do the math.

Free Professional Design Assistance

This is a critical advantage to working with Telka cabinetry. Our experienced, skilled and really friendly Designers will work with you every single step of the way. It's great and it's free. There is no substitute for a highly skilled and greatly experienced Designer on any cabinetry project.

Telka , One of the largest manufacturers of wood

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