Kitchen Carcase

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TELKA Flat Pack Kitchen Carcases' Manufacturer in Iran

Largest range of qualified kitchen carcase make her. The cabinets and doors are supplied pre drilled and pre edged ready for assembly. All hardware required building the cabinets including screws; cams and cam fittings are also supplying . All parts are supplied clearly labeled. 
If you are not sure with TELKA kitchen carcases’ quality, just ask us we are sure we have something for you!
• Great service, great price and easy deliver within a few days right from placing an on line order, are just one of the advantages of TELKA on line shopping, so would not hesitate to order & recommend.  
•  Telka staff  are very helpful and friendly unlike some high street showrooms that made customer feel pressured and confused with sale pricing structures. You will be pleased to register to our website “www.telkachoob.com” and actually enjoy the easy order’s structure. 
• Our delivery will when we promise. We also recommend some accessories which you are glad you have purchased. Super value for money, and impressed with the quality of your kitchen.  Nobody believes when they ask how much you paid!
• Working with us and purchasing from TELKA is a dream. You could afford new kitchen units and install the kitchen yourself and impress with the quality.
• Telka prefabricated carcases is the main answer of the property developers. For them finding the right kitchen supplier is extremely important. So we are here presenting the new ultimate services to this group of our valuable customers. 

Telka , One of the largest manufacturers of wood

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